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I build web sites.Need help with yours?


Hi, I am Sven Schmidt, a software developer based in Berlin.

I like to start projects and small start-ups by myself or in collaboration. Some of my creations are a video-chat service called MapCam*, the indie-games company Snake Oil Studios* or the freelancer search*.

As a freelancer, I help digital agencies, companies and startups to realise all sorts of web-based ideas. My services include technical consultation around web technologies and hands-on development with react and node.

Available for freelance work in Berlin or remotely.


Douglas Beauty Booking

Beauty Bookings Platform

2018/19 with AKQA
The task was to create a booking system for the beauty industry. That meant connecting local hair and make-up salons with customers. We would integrate with a loyalty card system too.
I was developing a customer-facing React app and integrate it with our backend systems. The challenges were to negotiate an API spec with the backend team, to create an accessible and fast app, and to satisfy our design team.

Startup Website

2018 with Gold Front
Together with creative agency Gold Front, we were tasked to give San Francisco based Startup Drawbridge a new company website. Contentful was providing content management. I set up Netlify to gain a smooth Build and Development process. The frontend was build with GatsbyJs and React and plugged in with GraphQL. The page has neat page transitions, clean content entry transitions and almost instand page loads.

Zonar 2.0 — Feedback App

2017/18 with Zalando
Zalando takes personal development so serious they have built their own feedback system for their ~5000 employees. The system forms the basis of employee's development efforts and their promotions decisions. As part of a multi-headed team I was creating a react based web app. The app integrated with several Zalando backend systems for data processing, notifications and authentication purposes.
Internal website

Global Publishing System

2017 with AKQA
With Jägermeister's rebranding I was hired with building a web publishing system and a website for 20+ markets and locales. Important was SEO, mobile performance, localization and cross-market content. Content would come from Contentful, Youtube and social media. The website was running React with Css-Modules. We build a sophisticated age-gate that operates behind a static CDN.
Gold Front

Agency Portfolio

2017 with Gold Front
Gold Front is an independent creative studio in San Francisco. I was hired to build their portfolio website to showcase their studio, work, and their work culture. The website runs on CraftCms with HTML5 and Javascript on the frontend side. Larges high-resolution images and videos were threatening page load speeds. Cloudfront CDN and Imgix for image delivery were used to provide the best performance possible.

Website and Ecommerce

2016/17 with Nanit
Nanit is a hardware startup from New York City that developed a smart baby monitor. I helped to create their website and shop. It provided an overview of their products and enables users to pre-order the product. My responsibilities included settin up, configuring and hosting the CMS, implementing the html frontend and integrating with shopify to handle product orders.
Audi on Demand

Car-Sharing Service

2014 with AKQA
Audi on Demand is a car rental service that launched 2015 in San Francisco. A mobile app enables customers to order a car to their door step. Next to the mobile app the whole service consists of several web services that keep track of cars, booking times and customers. As part of a development team, I was building an internal web-based dashboard that enabled employees to overview and operate the service.

Ecommerce Startup

2012/13 with Amorelie
Amorelie is an ecommerce startup from Berlin. Founded in December 2012 the first German sex-shop for women grew quickly to a nationally well-known brand. In early 2018 one of Germany's biggest media companies acquired Amorelie. I built the initial prototype that helped the founders to acquire seed funding. For about a year I was responsible for frontend development and user experience at Amorelie.